With the recent upswing of buyers and not enough inventory of homes is what’s driving our Tampa Bay homes prices in an upward motion. There are numerous ways to work towards avoiding this issue and one way is to share your comparables directly with the appraiser to justify the sales price. This is an important step due to the overwhelming amount of appraisals not supporting the purchase prices. Don’t be afraid to argue your case but be sure to have data to support your argument. The market is changing and we Realtors see it first but remember a buyer that may be willing to pay more doesn’t mean the lender will lend more. Lenders loan money according to fair market value which is determined by the appraiser. So, when negotiating your terms it would be good to know if that buyer has any added cash to pay the difference if an appraisal issue does arise. I believe that our profession should now classify us as professional problem solvers not just Realtors. Moral of the story is to go down with a fight and defend your price. At least you can sleep at night knowing you have done everything you can do for that transaction. If all else fails TAKE THE CASH OFFER !!