Well, Hey Jack look here…………

Willy is realistic like Bruce and Jace says what’s on his mind which sounds a lot like someone I know real well….ME !

All members of the dynasty have different personalities just like us on our team- Bruce is a great listener like Willy and I on the other hand think anything is possible like Jace.

Mrs. Kay reminds me of my boy’s grandmas. They just love their grand kids and will cook homemade meals for them anytime they ask.

Our dog Bentley was named for one reason and one reason only. It was the only way my husband could ever say we owned a Bentley. Does that mean our next dog is going to be named DD “Duck Dynasty” like the emblem on their Roles Royce?

Willy has that entrepreneur spirit that both Bruce and I have. Bruce knows “what to say” and I know “what to do”. Sounds like hiring Willy wouldn't be such a bad idea and might be worth a phone call. The team building activities that Willy puts on his team is clearly a way to keep his group constantly thinking. This thinking process involves figuring out a method on how fast they can get out of that activity. I just love the reverse psychology involved in that thought process!! Again, like Bruce and me he never gives up.

Bruce, a born and raised Floridian understands the delicacy of cooking and consuming squirrel. His mother actually made squirrel stew. I, on the other hand was raised by Yankees from Jersey and they make a mean spaghetti and meatballs. The only squirrel I knew of was the one we used to tease our Jack Russell Terrier with, by saying “There’s a squirrel”.

Finally, to top off our family’s obsession with this reality show, my son attended a Tampa Bay Rays baseball game this evening and came home saying that he spotted a woman sitting an isle over that he thought was Mrs. Kay. This woman allegedly had a hairstyle like Mrs. Kay’s and was wearing a camouflage jacket.  And get this, the women’s husband looked like Si !! Ok, if you don’t think this hasn't gone far enough then look here….my husband is now drinking ice tea instead of energy drinks and my kids are drinking their morning juice out of Tupperware cups. Who knows maybe later on in the week Bruce will be wearing a camouflage jacket to work and to alert his team of a meeting you may hear a duck call vs. the classic Rays cowbell.