Who would have thought that finding administrative help would be such a daunting task? Who wouldn’t want to work for a team that is in the top 1% of Realtors in Pinellas County?  Let alone, has such great senses of humor that working with us would not only be rewarding but FUN!!!

Heck, when I got started in the business I would have welcomed the opportunity to learn in such a manner. Yes, we work hard…REAL HARD but we play hard too.  Going through resume after resume to find someone that not only has leadership skills but has the capacity to grow into so much more.  Well, let’s just say… this task his harder than we had ever imagined. It’s no doubt that we are looking for a person that is looking for a long-term relationship.  Kind of sounds like we are looking for a date!!  Yes, you’re right, this almost sounds like one of those dating events where you have to switch tables every few minutes and choose who you think may be most compatible. I think I’m on to something and this could be a new trend for all us employers looking for talent.

Not only are we are allowing this special person to come into daily life we are hoping and dreaming that this person will make us better as a business and of course all while we are still having FUN. Is this too much to ask?

As an entrepreneur it is difficult for me to understand the concept of getting a regular paycheck. I have been born with the “sometimes” great asset of the harder I work the more I make mentality.  Although, this can be great in some markets, in others it has presented itself as “LAST MAN STANDING WINS”. So, here we are standing strong and growing. Halleluiah!! We are not only hiring an administrative assistant, we are hiring for our replacement. This replacement will love paperwork and people and most likely more than we do. This replacement will have talent that will drive all of us to be more successful and bring our team together and on to the next level.

So here it is our MISSING PERSON REPORT:

Our team is in need of a "missing person." We are looking for an Administrative
Assistant with the following skill set:

Detail oriented, quick learner, exceptional
organizational and communication skills, able to prioritize. Exceptional
Technology and Marketing skills. Able to research and implement efficient
systems through creative thinking. Independent worker that can handle change in
a fast paced-environment. Supportive leader that is able to help locate and
find talent in the future for the team as it grows. Wants to make a positive
difference in the lives of others and within the community. Punctual, honest
and motivated to achieve at a high level with advancing results. Handle
deadlines with time sensitive often stressful real estate transaction
scenarios. Working knowledge of the Real Estate Industry is a big plus.

Submit your resume if you think you might be that certain someone or pass this along to someone that you think may for looking for such an opportunity….can’t wait to see the responses!!!!