Florida has taken a turn in its housing market. Cities like Orlando, Cape Coral, St. Petersburg and Miami are seeing a range of 12-24% increase over the past few months. So what is causing this rapid upturn? Well, inventory for one is at an all-time low. Buyers see this change and are flocking to anything they can get their hands on before it is too late and they are priced out of the market. 84% of people think real estate transactions and values will increase and 74% of people are confident that the local economy will improve. Mix those two ingredients together and we have a rebounding real estate market. People are finally not fearful to spend money again but they will be more conservative on what they purchase. All we need now is to get those that were thinking about selling a few years back that couldn’t back into action!! Contracts have surpassed anything we have seen in the last 22 months. The only other time that I can remember this mad rush was when the deadline was due to expire for the home buyer tax credit. So what kind of impact will this have on our sellers? They are receiving offers closer to list price if not greater and the average days on market are dropping. So, buyers out there need to make sure a professional Realtor is helping you through the home buying process. Your Realtor needs to take a close look at market conditions so that your offer is based on facts not enthusiasm for a new home. Our country cannot afford another 2005 when prices were not in-line with cost of living but how easy it was to get our hands on borrowed money. So let’s gets those sellers in gear so that we can balance out this market